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The story

For more than sixteen years, OSSEK GARDEN has been offering traditional and authentic Korean cuisine. Over the years, we have been able to perfect our skills and techniques. Today, we have become one of the best Korean restaurants in Paris.


Our kitchen

We owe our success to the quality of our dishes, all  homemade by our chefs to meet your expectations.


The sauces are marinated for more than ten days, in order to achieve a perfect and unique taste.

We also attach paramount importance to the quality of the products we use. Our beef entrecote nuts are carefully chosen from a farm in Argentina. 

Our cooks then rework it so that you can grill it over the flame of our advanced machine, according to your own preferences. 

Our team

Our team consists passionate people of various origins, all faithful to the values ​​of our restaurant. 

Our chef, Madame Feng, has an unparalleled artistic sense. She inherited the technique and know-how of her predecessor who has been present since the creation of our restaurant. Over the past seven years, she has been able to meet your expectations and fulfill your needs.


The seniority of our brigade accompanies the excellence of each of our movements.

Our restaurant is a warm place. It combines a family and friendly atmosphere.


The founder

Our restaurant was born in 2004, thanks to the alliance of a Korean and Chinese couple. With love for Asian culture, they wanted to show Parisians what Korean cuisine really was. This is how the couple decided to set up their stoves in République, an unconditional crossroads for all lovers of gastronomy.


The restaurant took off again in 2010, when Liliane found herself alone at the helm of the team. Bold and combative by nature, this woman has managed to preserve the restaurant's longevity thanks to her perseverance and hard work.


But that's not all, in 2014 she met M.Zhang, a culinary graduate with knowledge of all Sino-Korean culture and gastronomy. He is from Dandong Liaoning, a neighboring city of North Korea. They have found a strong collaborative bond and demonstrated creativity and ingenuity. 

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